Thursday, April 5, 2007

For You, Only the Best

We hope to make Thursdays our preview day for children's books; that is, for pre-school and early grades picture books and outstanding books for early readers.

Interestingly enough, while kids who visit love the store, the nature of this market is inclined more to adults making selections for the children they love. Add in the dedicated school teachers who spend their own money to make sure their pupils get only the best, and it makes a lot of sense to blog to adults about children's books.

In fact, many adults without children collect the best of children's literature.

A little over a year ago, Melinda Long wrote How I Became a Pirate, the story of young Jeremy Jacob's encounter with the notorious pirate Braid Beard and his band. Much credit must also go to David Shannon, the illustrator, for helping this book earn several book of the year honors. It has been a popular choice here, too.

Now, the pirate band has returned to Jeremy's house to recover its buried treasure, but complications ensue when the wake Jeremy's baby sister, Bonney Anne, in Pirates Don't Change Diapers. Kids love pirate stories, and you will delight in this well-told tale.

ISBN 9780152053536 Harcourt Children's Books March 2007 (Reinforced HC) $16

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