Friday, June 1, 2007

Book Focus: Parenting Teens

Tricia Goyer, a minister from Kalispell, Montana, is releasing a book this summer based on what she calls "Life Plotting." It's called My Life, Unscripted, and it may serve you well if you're a parent of a pre-adolescent or teen girl.

From personal experience, Goyer knows the perils of rushing through life without a "script" to work from, and in this book she tries to help parents guide their daughters by "teaching them to have a plan of attack before temptation or hardship come."

Goyer would LOVE to have you write a sample script from your teen years and post it along with information about this book! It could be where you make a good choice ... or a not so good one. Then share brief how God's Word helps you as you script YOUR life!

Feel free to tell your stories, whether you worked from a script or merely "improv-ed" those dramatic, emotional teen years, and we'll pass them on to the author, who will be doing a national "blog tour" this summer.

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