Monday, November 12, 2007

Not Quite Free, Day 1 and Counting

It's been a while since Randy has given you an update on his adventureswith A Complaint Free World. I thought you might like to hear my take on his progress.

He thought that it would be easy to stop complaining on day 1 and not complain for 21 consecutive days. Like many things in this world, it has proven to be harder than it looks. Today is the 29th day since he started his challenge and he is on day 1 of the 21 days again.

While our world hasn't been complaint free it certainly has been a lot more pleasant. Randy has a long list of pet peeves that he brings up often. Many of them have become reflex reactions for him. I am very happy to say that his efforts at not complaining have greatly reduced the habitual complaints. And he has been much less angry without the complaints to fuel his anger.

We had been discussing the possiblity of changing our telephone service provider for a couple months and we actually went ahead with it a couple weeks ago. What was described to us as seamless turned out to be more like disastrous. I couldn't believe how calm Randy was as he handled the customer service maze that was required to work out the problems with the new service. (Just in case you were wondering, you are allowed to ask for a problem to be corrected as long as you direct your request to the appropriate person/place.)

Then last week our computer system was attacked by some ruthless hackers. I was amazed that he was not angry aboout the situation. Naturally, he was frustrated by the time and money required to fix the problem but not really angry as he would have been in the past if something like this happened.

Maybe I should give this complaint free stuff a try.

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