Thursday, January 10, 2008

But then, they deserved to die...

If you're wondering what that title means, wonder no more.

Ann and I are feeling a "Serge" of energy with this morning's news that author Tim Dorsey, our very own Moby Dick, has been sighted by our lookouts.

We received today a request from HarperCollins Publishers, parent company of the William Morrow imprint that puts out the entire Dorsey fiction ouvre, that we host Tim on February 26.

Tim's "Atomic Lobster" comes out in a few days. We've long desired to have him come and meet you all, to show him our "shrine" to Serge Storms, and to introduce an even larger group to the outstanding lunacy of the series.

I'll have more to say as details firm up, but suffice it to say that this is BIG news and a milestone event for our store and our town. You will not want to miss this author appearance.

For the biggest of Dorsey fans, we'll be having a reservation-only premium event that includes a personalized copy of Atomic Lobster and fine dining. While we can't give you complete details, we are taking reservations NOW! Blog readers will get first chance, followed by our e-mail list (sign up at, and then the general public.

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