Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 11: MmmmMmmmMmmmm!

Wow! You wouldn't believe what a good post I had in this space just seconds ago. That was way back when I was about to report that I had made it one full day in my quest to go 21 straight days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping, as suggested by Will Bowen's "A Complaint Free World."

The Blogger ate my homework! Sooooooooooooooooo much for that. Startin' all over again. Discount? 16%.

Anyway, here's what I wrote, as best I can remember it.

Ann and I have been eating well, and eating good all summer. We signed up for a CSA last spring and just completed a 25-week subscription. CSA doesn't stand for Confederate States of America, but Community Supported Agriculture. Four (Kentucky) family farms offered the roll-the-dice seasonal bounty of their fields to families willing to pay in advance for almost half a year's worth of fruits and vegetables.

Even with the drought, it was a success for us. Except for the odd banana pepper, and that batch of mustard greens Ann (intentionally, I believe) let go dry, we ate it all, although it was often a stretch for Ann to plan menus on the fly every Wednesday.

We haven't decided yet whether to re-up for next year (they're offering a pre-pre-pay discount for next season) for a number of reasons. We always enjoyed buying from local farmers at the farmers' market downtown, but it was less necessary this year...we often had seven days worth of produce to consume. We'd love to find a Hoosier CSA, too.

So, tonight we had acorn squash and striped squash, fresh spinach, fresh greens salad, and a loaf of French bread. Ann stuffed the squash with Italian sausage, so I'm feeling very international. Up to a few minutes ago, I was writing a minor funny about how close I came to complaining today. Then the computer glitch caused me to COMPLAIN.

Still, here it is (was?). Ann started talking about a dish she once prepared with squash (my stomach was interested but my brain disengaged and went into smartass mode) and bulgar wheat. I responded with "I don't like vulgar wheat. I prefer my wheat refined."

Lame, right? And Ann agreed, completely ignoring my attempt at a joke. I feigned insult. And that was as close as I came to busting out today. I sat down, fired up the ol' laptop, and began my report. When I got about this far, IE bailed and my entire post was deleted.

You know, without computers, I couldn't keep you informed as to my progress. But then, without computers, I would have made it to a second day without complaining!

If you are interested in supporting family farms in Indiana, watch this space. If you're convinced about CSA's and want to sign up for the Kentucky program, visit

Oh, and in books news, the novel authorized by the estate of Margaret Mitchell to follow "Gone With the Wind" releases on Tuesday, November 6. I think I've brought in enough copies (they arrived today) of "Rhett Butler's People," the continuing story of the classic 20th Century take on the 19th Century War of Northern Aggression. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

We're obligated to keep the book under embargo. That means we can't sell it or display it until Nov. 6. But we do have it on our "holding" shelves and store staff are allowed to read it in advance of the on-sale date. Interested?

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