Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 10: Going Postal

Well, so much for that. Agitated already by the Daniels property tax "relief" plan and the concomitant lies being spread by a right-wing anti-tax group that's making New Albany its summer home, I held it together for a couple of hours on Wednesday. Then, a patron called to report a particularly egregious example of government incompetence, and I blew.

It probably wasn't a good day to be engaged in Will Bowen's "A Complaint Free World" challenge.

Thanks to those of you who have lent your support to my attempt to go 21 straight days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping. And I haven't forgotten those of you who don't think I can do it, either.

Enough aggravations ensued Wednesday, including a mayoral forum and a city council meeting, that I probably would have cracked anyway. Under our ground rules, the day is blown, the discount on the book rises to 8%, and per usual, I'm free to complain until midnight. You can always come in to the store and buy the book for 12% off if you think I can make it. Or, you can wait to see if the discount doubles and then doubles again.

So Thursday will, again, be day one.

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