Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Around the World

Novelty books are those you'd really like to have for yourself, but will only buy when gifting to a less-than-intimate acquaintance. Today we're going to travel through a little book that we're ordering in pairs, because you simply won't be able to resist buying one for yourself, too.

It's called Signspotting: Absurd and Amusing Signs From Around the World, and it's compiled by Doug Lansky for those fine folks at Lonely Planet. Now, we have a number of books on fractured English, but this one is causing raucous laughter throughout the store. When Bad Cat first came out, we knew exactly what was going on when we heard loud chuckling from a certain quarter of the store and this book is doing the same thing. We sold more than a hundred copies of Bad Cat and about that many for Bad Dog, Bad Baby, and Bad President. I think this one might do just as well.

The pictures give you context and I can't share the inside of this book as I would like to. But I can "describe" a few. Even if you don't come down to check this one out, I'm sure you'll enjoy these howlers.

From Nepal: Super Perfct Type Writing Institute
Brunswick, Ga.: Dead Peoples Things For Sale
Conifer, Colo. subdivision entrance: Airhead Estates (for blondes?)
Directional highway sign in Essex, England: Secret Nuclear Bunker
It's not the sign, it's the context: Sign: 24 Hour Fitness above outdoor escalators from a California parking lot
California again, at a toll booth electronic sign: Electronic message? Signs Out of Order
At a park in Maui: Bottomless Pit, 65 Feet Deep
From L.A.: Antique Tables Made Daily
At a traffic signal (red light): This Light Never Turns Green
and finally: Cruise Ships Take Airport Exit!

Signspotting by Doug Lansky
ISBN 9781741044898 Lonely Planet, Oct. 2005 (Paperback) $7.99

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