Friday, March 2, 2007

"Tom Trueheart" is Uniquely Magical

Thanks to patron Rebecca G., who offers us this bite-size book review of The Secret History of Tom Trueheart, by Ian Beck.

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart is a riveting fairy tale that is well-written and very exciting. This book is entertaining throughout and one of the best this year. Fans of fairytales will love this book with delightful characters and a great setting. Beck has written it with sharply drawn characters and a unique portrayal of drama, magic, and intrigue.

This is a wonderful story about a boy who must find courage to go and rescue his brothers before it is too late. He must go to a land where fairy tales are true and full of mischief. A colorful and fast-paced adventure with great characters full of talking crows, princesses in distress, giants, and apprentice sprites.

Recommended for ages 9-11.

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart by Ian Beck
ISBN 9780061152108, Feb. 2007 Greenwillow/HarperCollins (Hardcover) $16.99

Also available for younger children by Beck:
Digory the Dragon Slayer
Hansel and Gretel
The Teddy Robber

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